In the kitchen with little hands

I’m silly enough to let the grandbabies make a mess in the kitchen and confident enough they can’t make a mess that I can’t handle! Last week we made pumpkin playdough. It was super easy and smelled great. It’s even edible, but it’s not as good as it smells. Thanks, Bean, for being the guinea pig!

All you need is a large mixing bowl, a whisk, one can of pumpkin, one canister of cornstarch, and some pumpkin spice. Start by whisking the pumpkin until smooth.


Add about 2 tsp. of pumpkin spice and blend it in.


Slowly add 3 cups of cornstarch (about 1 cup at a time) continuing to mix well.


Eventually you might have to start kneading the mixture by hand. If the playdough is too sticky you can add a little more cornstarch. If it’s too dry add some water.


Store in an airtight container. My playdough only lasted about 5 days before it molded-gross! I suggest refrigerating it, but can’t say it will last more than a week since it’s food based and you want to be safe. My little ones played with the yummy smelling playdough for an hour the first day. This is a great activity for kids with sensory issues. It builds self confidence since they can make it almost entirely by themselves and exposes them to math skills in a fun and easy to understand way.


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