Adventures in the big blue house

Owning and maintaining a 130 year old house is more than a labor of love, it’s insanity! My family and I live in a 2800 square foot Victorian style house that keeps us busy and sometimes broke. So far, it has taken us 3 summers of our spare time to scrape, prime, and paint two sides of the behemoth.

We started by power washing the old (badly) peeling paint.  In some areas this took days to accomplish and cleaning up the paint chips was like raking leaves in the fall. Everyone took turns, but my (then 9 years old) son really got into it and spent hours at a time spraying the house. The paint was in such bad shape it was easy to keep the water turned down to a safe level for him to work with.

Some of the original wood siding just could not be saved so my husband spent several days tearing out and replacing the damaged areas. Of course it rained right after finishing the worst area so the caulk ran!


Although we splurged and bought 2-in-1 primer and paint, there was a lot of bleed through. It took 3 coats to get a nice even appearance.  I had originally decided to go with a Painted Lady color scheme, but  the highlight color was so bright (I actually cried when I saw it from a distance the first time) that it was painted over in a nice white.


We’ve had mixed reviews on my choice of body color. I have actually had people stop me at the grocery store and ask if I live in the big blue house and then tell me how much they love (or hate) the color. When ever I give people directions I always tell them, you can’t miss it!



There have been several projects over the 3 years since moving in. I can hardly wait to share them with you!


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