Laugh or Cry

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Don’t you just love it when life gets in the way of doing the things that you love.  So far, this year has been challenging both financially and logistically.  Let me break it down for you.

First off we had to recover from Christmas. There always seems to be one more gift to buy, one more meal to prepare, or one more card to write.  I’m so sick of Christmas (the most stressful time of the year for many people) by the time the actual day is over that I start tearing down almost immediately after the last gift is opened. Did I mention this is my least favorite holiday?

Next, we’ve had significant car trouble and not owning a garage makes it difficult for the hubby to work on the problems that inevitably come up in the winter because it’s too cold for him to stand outside for hours at a time. So far the kids heat has gone out in their hand me down car with 200,000 mile on it. We decided it was most likely the thermostat which would have been an easy fix if the housing hadn’t cracked while putting it back on due to the cold weather/lack of garage issue already mentioned. It took about six weeks to find another one so the car sat undrivable in the driveway way too long.

Which brings me to the next issue we’ve had to face. We let the girls drive my husbands Jeep to school while he drove my car to work; leaving me stranded most days until someone came back home. This was doable until the girls (ie the one who has a license) totaled said Jeep on the way to school one day. Black ice is a real threat where I live. Luckily the part came in for the girls car and the weather miraculously cleared up so my guy could get “Betsy” back on the road. However, I’m still grounded. Ugh.

So, all this coupled with winter sports schedules, birthday parties, DIY projects that need wrapped up, and the inevitable sickness that seem to be unique to this time of year, have made blogging almost impossible.Shew. How did we do it? Communication, patience, and humor.

Communication about commitments, both real and imagined, was a must when scheduling who got one of the cars over the past few months. Helping the girls understand when they used the car was necessary or just a convenience was priority number one. Yes, getting to and from school and work was a necessity. Going to the mall  to hang out was not. Most of their friends have their licenses and cars. It was a blessing that these friends stepped up and offered to helped get the girls where they needed to go. Shout out to the junior class at EHS!

Patience. This is not my families strong suit. In a world of high speed internet and Netflix, the “on demand” mentality is hard to break. There were even a few times, gasp in horror, they had to wait to be picked up from somewhere. We learned to plan routes to the bank and store in conjunction with trips to and from school. It wasn’t all that hard to do and it saved time and gas. Planning also gave everyone in the house a chance to work together to accomplish a common goal; which is so important in the go-go-go world of today.

Finally, we had to rely on humor. The car situation didn’t have to be hard. We had some good laughs at how far we had to go to make everything we had to do fit within our capabilities. For example, on a few Fridays, I dropped the girls back off at school for their games, drove forty minutes to pick up my son, drove back home to meet up with my honey who just got home from work, and then headed back to the school to watch the game I had previously dropped the girls off to get ready for. I have a choice: laugh or cry. I choose to laugh.

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