When Pinterest gets stale

I’ve heard several people complain about their Pinterest feed being stale lately. I have found this to be true for me on occasion,so I’m going to tell you what I do when my Pinterest feed just seems like the same old stuff as before.

  •  Try searching for something new. I usually think of the next season. If it’s summer, are you thinking of taking a trip? If it’s fall, try searching for new crock pot recipes. Winter up next? DIY Christmas gift ideas are a must!
  • Check out what’s new from the Pinners you follow. I follow about 50 boards. There is almost always something new for me to look at and then pin myself if I find it useful or interesting.
  • Clean up your boards. I only do this when I’m desperate. Posts I pinned that are dead ends, posts I’ve pinned to the wrong board, color pallets I’m no longer interested in all get reviewed. They are either given the boot, rearranged, or  (hopefully) inspire me to get that project I’ve forgotten about or put off done at last.

I hope this helps you overcome a stale Pinterest feed. I would love to hear how you liven up yours.